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Feral Figures


Year: 2017

Course: Arch 202a

This project consists of a series of analyses on feral figures throughout Los Angeles. In particular, I concentrated on the spatial systems within a storage tank. Located along the coast of Manhattan Beach, this storage tank holds vast amounts of fuel to later be distributed throughout Los Angeles. With the growing urbanization of Los Angeles, the oil industry has discreetly taken over “surfurbia”, and can found almost anywhere on the plains or along the coast. Reyner Banham describes “the olfactory evidence of the existence of the oil industry is as ubiquitous as the visual” and “clumsily encased behind decorative screens”. He changes the way in which we perceive Los Angeles through observing the ordinary and camouflaged aspects of the city. Through an analysis of the fuel storage tank as a feral figure, we find the formal potential and geometrical systems within it.